What is a Naturopath

What is an ANTA Accredited Naturopath?

Your ANTA accredited Naturopath is a health care professional trained to a high competency in the art and science of ‘nature cure’. There are currently no government requirements for Naturopaths to meet any minimum standard of training, therefore when selecting a Naturopath you should ensure they belong to a bonafide association such as the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA), which maintains high standards and has been accrediting Naturopaths and other natural therapy practitioners since 1955.

What is Naturopathy?
Naturopaths use a range of non-invasive diagnostic techniques to assess the causative factors of a patient’s health problems. It is not necessary for the Naturopath to name a disease as the wholistic approach looks at the physical, mental and emotional aspects, the functions of the various systems of the body as well as external influences.

Naturopathy comprises a range of modalities such as Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy. as part of a treatment plan the Naturopath will also educate the patients about the cause of their health problems and how to alter such things as diet and lifestyle to assist in the healing and recovery process. The Naturopath may also suggest nutritional supplements, herbal medicines or homeopathic preparations when designing a patient’s individual treatment program.

Naturopathy is gaining recognition as a part of the Australian health care system and the wholistic approach used by Naturopaths to the prevention and treatment of all disease states is now being recognized by many medical practitioners.

Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine is the most universal and oldest form of medicine known to mankind. Today’s Naturopath bases a herbal prescription on the traditional uses as well as the ever increasing scientific research and literature available on herbs. The use of herbs may be as teas, tinctures, fluid extracts or tablets. A herbal preparation may contain one or a combination of herbs prescribed to address the individual patient’s needs.

Generally herbal medicines are safe, however, some herbs if given inappropriately could result in unpleasant side effects. The high standard of training of your ANTA Naturopath ensures a safe and effective herbal medicine preparation.

Homeopathy uses a very precise system of medicine whereby minute doses of a substance is made potent by a special dilution process, so that the medicine is low in concentration but high in energy. Homeopathy is prescribed according to a patient’s individual symptom picture and is based on the Law of Similars – what a substance can cause it can treat.

Homeopathic remedies may comprise of either a single homeopathic substance or several substances in one mixture. When prescribed by a trained Naturopath, homeopathy is a safe and effective way to help stimulate the immune system and restore the healthy function of organs and tissues throughout the body. Homeopathy may be used in acute or chronic disease, physical and emotional; in pathological states as well as nonspecific disturbances of body chemistry and function.

Good nutrition is of paramount importance to everyone’s health and inadequate or inappropriate nutrition can eventually lead to imbalances which in turn lead to poor health. If a person’s nutrition status is not what it should be and stress and environmental and chemical pollutants are included in a person’s lifestyle then a disease state will eventually occur. Your ANTA Naturopath identifies the relationship of diet and food sensitivities to health problems, and the possible need for vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplements or other dietary adjunctive therapy.

A Naturopathic Consultation
During a naturopathic consultation it will be necessary for the patient to answer many questions in order for the practitioner to establish a history about the presenting complain as well as any other health problems. Each question will help establish a picture to ascertain the underlying cause of the patient’s health problems.

The patient history along with aids such as Iridology or iris diagnosis will assist in assessing the current state of health as well as the progress of a patient’s treatment. The naturopath can tell from markings or signs in the iris, the condition of various organs and systems of the body. These markings or signs give a detailed picture of the integrity of the body indicating its constitutional strengths, areas of congestion or toxic accumulation and inherited strengths and weaknesses.

Training for an ANTA Accredited Naturopath
The ANTA accredited Naturopath studies a vast range of subjects including medical sciences, clinical diagnosis, pathology, naturopathic philosophy, iridology, nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathy. These are just a few of the basic requirements for a three year Diploma/Advanced Diploma Course. There are many other subjects that are incorporated into the Diploma/Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy offering each Naturopath the opportunity to specialise and continue to advance their ongoing education in this area.

In order for an ANTA Naturopathic Physician to maintain their membership, they must continue to study, either by furthering their education with Bachelor Degree level of Naturopathic Medicine or by attending Continuing Professional EducationThe Body seminars/workshops.

Most Private Health Funds and WorkCover Authorities provide rebates on services provided by the ANTA Naturopathic Physician, due to the ongoing education and high standards maintained, thereby allowing an ANTA Naturopathic Physician to offer extremely affordable services as their demand increases.

The Naturopathic Philosophy is to treat the entire body-mind-spirit and emotions by improving the wellbeing of a person as a ‘whole’ in a relatively short period of time. This is done by the Naturopath taking an extremely detailed long-term medical history, providing the right tools and ingredients for every individual, thereby ensuring each person is provided with a well balanced system so that nature may take its preferred curse of ‘well being’ and continue to heal itself daily.

Why the Naturopath is Successful When Treating
The Naturopath treats the cause and not just the symptom, therefore treating all conditions in this manner. Orthodox practitioners and Naturopathic Physicians work hand in hand when a mechanical injury or emergency arises.

Naturopathy does not interfere with orthodox prescriptions and procedures, rather, it is vital for a person to seek Naturopathic Medicine to enhance the immune system, detoxifying any unwanted poisons whilst the whole person is re-constituting.