Novated lease electric vehicle: An Electric Vehicle Under a Fully Maintained Novated Lease

Novated lease agreements for electric or plug-in hybrid cars allow employees to finance both the cost of the car itself and its running expenses through pre-tax salary, eliminating FBT and saving GST costs.

Electric vehicle (EV) prices are becoming more cost-effective, and many Australians want to do their part for the environment. However, making the switch can be challenging due to price barriers. Learn more about the benefits of a fully maintained novated lease electric vehicle.

Easy to manage monthly repayments

fully maintained novated lease electric vehicleBy salary packaging an electric vehicle under a fully maintained novated lease agreement, you can reduce your taxable income and take advantage of various government incentives. Plus, fuel, servicing costs and tyre savings could add up – not to mention lower residual values at the lease term’s end!

If you’re considering an EV, compare all your options before selecting. When considering costs associated with running the car, including maintenance and insurance costs, consider these when considering its true cost. Depending on your needs and personal preferences, fully managed or self-managed novated lease arrangements could be more suitable options.

Under a fully maintained novated lease arrangement, your financier will handle the sourcing and purchase of your vehicle before deducting finance and running costs from both pre-tax salary (and, if eligible, post-tax income). Payments of novated leases are fixed amounts each month, making budgeting simpler compared to loan repayments. Plus, you’ll save GST/FBT when compared with buying/owning traditional cars, which could save thousands over its lifespan! Learn more about the benefits of a fully maintained novated lease electric vehicle.

Less maintenance

A fully maintained novated lease covers your vehicle’s running costs in one convenient monthly payment, including comprehensive insurance, servicing costs, registration renewal fees and fuel. Tyres and breakdown assistance coverage is also provided – with payments taken directly from pretax salary, saving money on GST that otherwise would have been payable.

Battery electric vehicles (EVs) feature fewer moving parts and thus require less maintenance than petrol cars; however, regular servicing for their brakes (pads and discs), suspension, wheel alignment/balancing/alignment, plus an annual road checkup is still recommended; servicing fees in an EV are around 40 per cent less expensive compared to their counterpart ICE models.

No unexpected out-of-pocket costs

Experience peace of mind with a fully maintained lease agreement, wherein your monthly payments cover everything from car costs, all electricity and registration expenses and roadside assistance and tyre costs to roadside assistance and roadside assistance costs. EVs feature fewer moving parts than petrol/diesel vehicles, so they may require less maintenance over time and have longer battery lifespans to save money in the long run.

Electric vehicles (EVs) often boast lower running costs than their petrol or diesel counterparts, thanks to lower fuel and electricity rates and potential rebates of up to $10 per 100km cheaper operation than a petrol or diesel car.

Novated leasing can be an ideal way to finance an electric vehicle. Not only can you take advantage of before-tax savings on lease repayments, but GST savings on purchase price and associated running costs, such as electricity mileage servicing tyres, may also apply.

Less tax

Electric vehicles (EVs) can help the environment and save you money over time on running costs, but making the switch may be expensive if you don’t have a salary package or buy your car outright. Novated leasing provides an economical and effective solution that enables users to enjoy the environmental advantages sooner.

No matter if it’s a battery electric vehicle (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), novated leasing can help reduce upfront expenses and GST costs by salary sacrificing some of your pre-tax income – meaning all finance and running costs are deducted directly from wages before tax is calculated.

That means you will save on the purchase cost of an EV and fuel, registration, insurance and servicing expenses. Furthermore, given their reduced moving parts compared to petrol/diesel vehicles and potential longer lifespan. Adding to this is the new Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exemption available for eligible EVs/PHEVs under novated leasing, further encouraging low-emission car adoption through this route.

The Importance of Residential Roof Repair

Residential roof repair involves working on both single-family homes and multi-unit complexes. Damaged roofs allow water to come through as well as cool air in summertime and hot air in winter – which causes energy costs to skyrocket.

residential roof repair AdelaideInvestigate signs of roof leakage by searching closets and pantries, walls and ceilings near vents, chimneys, skylights or dormers – particularly near vents, chimneys, skylights or dormers. Contact a residential roofing company when you detect problems to help stop further worsening issues.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Roofs are essential parts of every home, protecting it from rain, wind and pests – yet many homeowners overlook their roof until something goes wrong – whether a tree limb crashes through or a leak forms after an intense storm. When problems do arise, it becomes urgent to address them quickly.

Water damage should always be treated quickly as soon as a residential roof repair Adelaide emergency arises, as even minimal amounts can have devastating repercussions throughout your home, from seeping through walls to mould infestation and flooring destruction. A reliable residential roofing service should offer quick, efficient emergency roof repairs that limit further property damage.

Most homeowners insurance policies cover some or all of the costs associated with emergency roof repair services, and frequently roof repair companies also provide workmanship warranties covering future issues with their repairs.

Roof Repairs for Severe Storms

Storm damage to your roof requires immediate action to ensure its structural integrity, safety and value of a property while mitigating interior water damage. Inspecting for signs of storm damage is vital to keeping you and your loved ones safe and minimising interior water damage. For this reason, calling in professional roofers as soon as you suspect an issue is key for maintaining property value, keeping safety high, minimising water leakage inside, minimising interior water damage, and minimising interior water damage to interior spaces.

Certain forms of roof storm damage are immediately noticeable, like torn shingles or dented frames. Other kinds of damage might not be as apparent but still require emergency repairs to your home or roof structure.

Cracked or leaky roofs that cannot be seen from the ground often only become evident once water stains appear in your home’s ceiling or walls, often due to slow leaks that remain undetected and untreated for an extended period. Untreated leaks may cause extensive damage to insulation, lumber and other structures supporting your roof and create health hazards within.

Once the storm has subsided and it is safe, use binoculars from a safe distance to carefully assess any roof damage from below. Take photos as evidence, look for moisture penetration (like water stains on ceiling or walls), leaks (i.e. any leakage), and install temporary covers if any are present while waiting for professionals.

Wood Rot Repair

Wood rot is a dangerous threat that can severely compromise the structure and aesthetic of your home, caused by damp conditions that nurture mould growth. In avoiding this problem, routine inspections and maintenance checks should be implemented regularly to protect yourself.

Early detection can make repairs relatively straightforward; your roofer might use epoxy or wood filler to bind the decayed wood fibres together and restore their condition.

However, roofers must replace damaged wood sections with new ones in more severe instances. It is especially important if the rotted wood supports beams or joints in your home and needs to be in good condition for support beams or flooring to function as intended. Furthermore, leakage or inadequate ventilation conditions that contributed to its formation must be addressed promptly to stop it from spreading further.

Routine residential roof repair Adelaide inspections can help detect rotted wood by inspecting gutter granules and the sheathing beneath your shingles, among other methods. A good time to conduct this examination before listing your home for sale as visible rot may send an undesirable message to prospective buyers.

Roof Ventilation Repair

Roof ventilation is essential to keeping your home cool and preventing problems like wood rot. But lack of roof ventilation may create problems as warm air builds up inside your home and causes temperature imbalances.

Signs of roof ventilation issues in your home could include hot or cold spots that other sources cannot explain away, like weather conditions. Furthermore, winter may present additional challenges when maintaining temperatures due to an abundance of snow without enough ridge vents allowing it to melt quickly.