Vehicle-Solutions Novated Lease Credit Check: Novated Lease Credit Check

When applying for a novated lease, Vehicle-Solutions novated lease credit check will run a credit check on you. A higher credit score increases your odds of receiving favourable lease terms.

However, having one or two small marks on your credit report that have been properly explained and paid off should not present an issue.


Vehicle-Solutions novated lease credit checkAn applicant’s ability to repay a novated lease should always be assessed with care, with lenders considering things such as their living expenses and debt commitments, the car’s market value versus its financeable amount as the foundation of this assessment process.

Even with minor marks on your credit file, they won’t prevent you from accessing a novated lease agreement. That’s because payments for this type of agreement are deducted directly from pre-tax salary so there is less risk of default while employed compared to car loans; plus unlike their predecessors they won’t take ownership until at the end of your lease term.

Novated leasing can be an affordable way to upgrade your vehicle without incurring huge upfront costs. Request a quote online or speak with one of Maxxia’s leasing specialists now – terms and conditions may apply and Maxxia may receive commissions in return for its services.


Just like when applying for finance, applying for a Vehicle-Solutions novated lease credit check. Your chosen leasing company can guide your application on its likelihood of being approved; while it would be ideal to have no outstanding debts whatsoever, sometimes circumstances dictate otherwise, and payments might fall behind temporarily or be missed altogether.

Credit checks allow banks and finance companies to validate what you told them with what is stored on your file, so they can assess your character and trustworthiness. A bad credit history will most likely impede your capacity to repay a lease agreement while potentially increasing the interest rate you are charged; as a result, it’s crucial that when applying for novated lease financing you provide accurate information in your application. For those with serious outstanding debts should consider secured car loan financing instead as it provides more flexible solutions.


A novated lease is a car leasing agreement that combines your running costs, insurance and finance into one monthly payment, offering tax advantages by salary sacrificing the payments into your wages. Furthermore, unlike loans which take ownership at the end of their term and increase risk significantly; with such arrangements any credit issues should not prohibit application for a novated lease agreement.

As with any form of financing, banks or finance companies offering novated leases conduct credit checks. If you consult a specialist novated lease provider, they should have experience helping people with poor credit get approved – and will offer advice about what steps need to be taken for success. Furthermore, they will provide a quote that details exactly how much repayments will cost each month.


Novated lease companies, just like any finance provider, Vehicle-Solutions novated lease credit check when considering whether to offer you financing. They need to ensure you can afford your repayments; one reliable indicator of this fact is your credit score.

Lenders also take your debt-to-income ratio into account when assessing whether you qualify for novated leasing. Full-time employees tend to be considered less risky applicants compared to self-employed or casual workers. Furthermore, some lenders may specify certain age/make/type criteria of vehicles eligible for this form of leasing.

An inadequate credit history can make getting a novated lease more challenging, but not impossible. To increase your chances of approval, pay all bills on time, pay down outstanding debts, resolve discrepancies on your credit report and seek advice from experts in novated leasing as soon as possible.