RFID Stickers: RFID Stickers Customized For Your Needs

RFID stickers are made of a thin plastic film with an adhesive that can be attached to any surface. They contain an integrated circuit and an antenna, which can transmit unique product codes and readable information when activated.


These tags are durable and can be used in harsh environments. They are ideal for tracking inventory, reducing theft and improving point-of-sale and supply chain management. For more RFID stickers custom, check this out.



RFID stickers customThe size of RFID tags and labels depends on the type of application they’re designed for. Some have small form factors, while others are more durable and can withstand harsh environments. They are often attached to vehicles, containers and light rail cars for cargo identification and supply container tracking. They can also reduce time spent searching for files or documents and help companies track inventory faster.


Unlike barcodes, RFID stickers and tags can be read at distances that do not require line-of-sight scanning. They can be affixed to almost any object and transmit data through electromagnetic fields. They can be used to track assets, goods, and people and make contactless payments.


RFID labels come in various shapes and sizes and can be customized with full-colour printing or engraving. They are available in multiple materials, including paper, PET, and rigid PVC. Some are even waterproof and can withstand extreme temperatures.



RFID labels are similar to barcode stickers but contain a microchip with an antenna that communicates with RFID readers. They can be used to track inventory and assets. They can also be used for access control and animal identification. They can be customized to include a company LOGO or other graphics. They are waterproof and tamper-proof. For more RFID stickers custom, check this out.


They can be attached to vehicles and light rail cars for cargo and vehicle tracking. They can also be affixed to inventory management and asset tracking tools and equipment. They can also be connected as hang tags on metal racks, plastic containers, and other lab assets. They can also be used as name tags for conferences and turned on file folders or boxes to reduce time spent looking for documents.


They can be printed with CMYK digital or offset printing and are available in various shapes and sizes. They are also tamper-proof, waterproof, and can withstand extreme temperatures and environmental contaminants.



RFID stickers, labels and tags are used to track inventory and assets. They are a powerful tool in logistics, warehouse management, and supply chain processes. They can be customized with human-readable information, barcodes and logos to increase functionality and ease of use. They can be printed in various shapes and sizes to suit your application. ALTemploys can help you find a tag solution that meets your needs.


The material used for RFID tags can be a critical factor in the performance of your label. Synthetic paper is a common choice for logistics applications, as it is resistant to tearing and extreme temperatures. Fabric labels are another option, and they can be washed multiple times.


RFID chips and antennas are embedded in the surface of a sticker. They transmit digital data to an RFID reader. The data can be scanned using standard fixed or handheld readers operating at the same frequency as the labels. For more RFID stickers custom, check this out.



RFID stickers contain a microchip with an antenna that transmits information about the item they are attached to. RFID readers can scan this information to provide visibility on supply chain operations. RFID labels can help you improve inventory management, warehousing & and distribution, reduce shrinkage and improve point-of-sale functions.


Unlike barcodes, RFID tags do not require a line of sight between the tag and a scanner. This allows you to track large numbers of items quickly and efficiently without counting them manually.


ALT offers custom printing services for RFID labels and tags. These printed labels can be customized with human-readable text, 1D or 2D barcodes, and logos to make them more visually appealing. They can also be designed to be tamper-evident, which can help prevent counterfeiting or tampering. These labels are ideal for manufacturing, logistics, and other applications where tampering is possible. They are also available in a variety of sizes and materials.