The Pros and Cons of the AEG Nail Gun

The AEG nail gun has become a staple accessory of many paintball teams. AEGs have also become popular among new paintball players as a method to improve their long range shot. AEGs look similar to the heads of a large guillotine or an eraser.


AdelaideTools AEG trailers use two stages of operation. The first stage involves loading a magazine with nails and a charger. Once loaded, all you have to do is flip the switch on to start the gun running. Unlike other systems where you have to manually cock the gun before each shot, with the AEG you simply flip a switch and fire, regardless of whether or not there are rounds remaining in the magazine.


Although both AdelaideTools AEGs and AEG nailers have a similar look, they differ primarily in how they operate and how they load. AEG nailers require two stages to operate; the first is the loading process. This is achieved by simply pushing the AEG nailer into the appropriate slot and inserting the shells. To cap it all off, a spring attached to the pistol is used to lock the shells in place. To prevent excess wear on the AEGs, a buffer is included to keep the extra spent shell casings from hitting the operator when it comes time to fire it.


The second stage of the operation is the firing process, and here the AEG uses its powerful AEG battery to propel the nails at high velocities. For this reason, AEG nailers tend to be more expensive than normal AdelaideTools AEGs. While they can be powered with normal AEG cartridges, most users prefer to use m eighteen fuel type AEG guns due to their reliability and ease of cleaning. The m eighteen fuel also accounts for their exceptional shooting performance; especially when it comes to long range shots.


The third and final stage in the AEG nail gun operation is the trimming process. This involves feeding the pellets down the barrel to the tumbler, which makes them fall out. To remove the spent casings, a metal slide that goes by the name of the ‘tumbler guard’ must be engaged. This metal slide prevents the spent casings from being propelled further into the air by other means; instead, the pellets simply fall out. A brushless nail gun on the other hand utilizes a cylindrical tube that runs parallel to the barrel; it has no tumbler guard, thus making it much easier to engage all the moving parts in the correct order. Brushless nailers also allow users to utilize an automatic nail firing system that does not require manual engagement of the tumbler and barrel.


While the AEG has remained the favorite weapon of many military operators for years, many newer users have switched to other types. While they do produce comparable results, they cost more, are less reliable and sometimes pose safety hazards. However, there is one brand that has steadily risen above the competition and that is the Paslode AEG, a fully automatic mailer that uses both CO2 and AC dry erase markers. If you’re looking for a high quality, fully automatic nailer that is reliable, durable and safe for even the most demanding user, then the Paslode AEG might be exactly what you’re looking for.