Find Out What Makes TermiTurf Artificial Grass Brisbane Look Real

We’re living in an era where fake grass is no longer obvious. We’re far from the days when bright, green, and shiny lawns signal the use of fake grass. Homeowners can now rest assured that artificial grass can look real and natural. That’s why if you’re tired of maintaining your real grass and your high water bills, real grass can be the solution for you. With that said, here’s how TermiTurf artificial grass Brisbane can look like real grass, minus the excess water usage and maintenance.


Thatch Lessens the Bright Green

If you take a close look at your lawn area, you will see a brown area near the roots. This area is called thatch. It’s a mix of organic matter like live or dead stems and shoots, as well as a compound called lignin. The latter makes up the space between the soil surface and the green stems. Your lawn should have a thin layer of thatch to help insulate the soil and lock in moisture. It will also provide a slight cushion to soften the impact of playing sports or different outdoor games on your lawn. Artificial thatch is what gives artificial grass a more realistic look since it adds a touch of broth to otherwise overly bright green, grassy colour. At the same time, people also expect to see it. That’s why having this feature to your artificial lawn is crucial since it gives off that natural and realistic look.


Colour Variety Matches with Native Grasses

Grass that will grow well in your area might not be common to others. That’s why TermiTurf artificial grass Brisbane comes in a variety of styles and colours. Do you want the look of Bermuda grass, or do you prefer a taller Fescue? Whatever you need, you will get it with the right choice of artificial turf. The varieties available perfectly replicate that of real-life grass variants. That means you can replicate any type of lawn you desire, even if the grass doesn’t look like the one that grows in your area.


It Can Smell Similar to Freshly Cut Grass

Some homeowners hesitate getting rid of their natural lawn because they like the way it smells, especially after mowing. If you’re one of these homeowners, then you’ll be delighted to know that some synthetic turf also replicates the smell of freshly cut grass. Manufacturers do this not just to conjure memories from lawn owners, but also to make their TermiTurf artificial grass Brisbane more realistic.