Baler Twine: Buying Baler Twine in Bulk

Bales of hay and straw require a special kind of twine. A quality baler twine is made from durable fibres and can withstand high compression levels. It can tie hay bales, mend fences, and even hold a picture frame.

A quality baler twine is treated to resist rot, mildew, and rodents. It is also UV-protected to prevent premature degradation. Most made-in-the-USA options come with a guaranteed number of feet per carton. For more baler twine in bulk, check this out.


baler twineIn agriculture, few things are as essential as baler twine. This versatile twine is used to bind bales of hay and straw, making them easier to transport and store. In addition, this type of twine is eco-friendly and sustainable. It is made of polypropylene and is UV-treated to withstand weather exposures over a long period. It also contains no tastes, smells, or oils to attract rodents.

In addition, this type of twine is non-polluting and biodegradable. It is an excellent choice for trellising greenhouse crops. It has high tensile strength and is easy to use.

Moreover, you can reuse the twine if it’s still in good condition. Otherwise, you can give it to another farmer if needed. This is a great way to recycle old twine while helping other farmers. Alternatively, you can bury or burn the twine, but this is not eco-friendly.


Baler twine is a critical tool for farmers around the world. It is designed to be durable and robust, allowing farmers to bind their hay and straw bales quickly and efficiently. In addition, it is resistant to UV rays, which helps protect the bales from sun damage. For more baler twine in bulk, check this out.

In addition to being durable, baler twine is easy to use. It is available in various sizes and colours, making it easy to distinguish between bales. This is especially important when tracking the production of different paddocks, fields, and crops.

When choosing a baling twine, choosing a brand with the right quality and weight is essential. A high-quality baling twine should withstand heavy loads and knot easily. It should also be treated to repel rodents and other insects. In addition, it should work flawlessly with square baler machinery. Some brands, such as Coastal, even offer a guaranteed number of feet per carton.


The proper twine can make all the difference in baling hay. It should be strong, durable, and easy to use and work flawlessly in your machinery. It should be available in different sizes and colours and treated to resist rot, mildew, and rodents.

Many kinds of baler twine are on the market, including natural sisal and synthetic polypropylene (poly). Natural sisal twine is made from individual strands of plant material twisted together and is naturally biodegradable. However, it doesn’t have the same tensile strength as poly twine.

Coastal offers an extensive selection of round, slit-film baler twine in various weights and colours. Be sure to check the guaranteed number of feet per carton before ordering.


The best baler twine is made to withstand the elements and keep a large bale together. It can also resist rot and mildew and repel rodents, helping farmers preserve their bales for longer. Some types of twine are also treated to protect the bales from sunlight damage. For more baler twine in bulk, check this out.

When choosing a type of twine, be sure to look at its knot strength and tensile strength. The latter measures the kilogram-force a piece of twine can hold before breaking. This is important when you’re using it for tying hay bales.

Several types of twine are available, but it depends on the baling machinery you use and the size of the bales you’re making. Some options are made in the USA, and others are imported from Spain. Both options offer high resistance and durability, but the choice depends on your needs and the machinery you have. Some possibilities have higher UV protection and are longer, which saves you time by requiring fewer spool changes.

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